Hi. I'm Alexander Wallman.


I'm a creative based in Los Angeles. This site showcases my ideas and skills in art direction, design, photography, digital manipulation, retouching, copywriting and hand-drawn illustration.

My wide range of experience in ad agencies, companies, magazines and websites means I can handle projects in any media—from concept to the production of finished art.

My commercial work has been featured in Best Ads on TV, CreativeAwards.com, Adsoftheworld & Adavee. I have placed in the ADMA Awards, the John Caples International Awards and the MADC Raw Talent Competition.

I have a strong passion for social and environmental causes, and have worked with many NGOs in various capacities. I drove a ship to Antarctica with The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in order to block a Japanese whaling expedition. I also helped to film a documentary on the plight of the Eleanora's Falcon, a species in danger due to a mafia-controlled operation running illegal helicopter flights in Sicily.

In addition to what you can find on this site, I enjoy a broad range of creative pursuits. I design and build sculpture and art; I shoot and edit videos; I wrote and illustrated a philosophical picture book called "Our Mirror Book"; and recently partnered in the creation of a brainstorming app for Android.

Please feel free to say hi via lexwallman@gmail.com or +1-323-529-4410.

My résumé is available upon request.

Thank you!